Formesa - Special Metals Forging
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Production Capacity.
Machinery of the very latest design contributes to the Factory’s production process:
Forging area:
With presses from 125 to 700 tons, furnaces and automatic feeding arms, induction generator, trimming press, shot blasting and vibrating machine for final touches, etc.
Machining area:
CNC Machining centers (MAZAK, MATSURA, VICTOR), CNC Turning Machine with motorized turret (CMZ).
Die-cutting area:
Own workshop for the manufacture and maintenance of molds and for the tooling required for the forging process.
We are thus self-sufficient and adaptable, -important features in the production of Short Series from 50 units in which we are specialized and also in Medium and Long Series.
Forjas de Metales Especiales S.A. Matxin Bidea 2 · Apartado de correos, 16 · 48100 MUNGIA  BIZKAIA (ESPAÑA)
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Ekoscan Certificate