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Quality is our Aim.
The principle of quality is basic to FORMESA 's activity, the company being a leading manufacturer of non-ferrous metal forging. The proven quality of FORMESA 's products is based on various considerations constituting the foundations of a solid and prosperous enterprise.
FORMESA was ISO 9002 certified in 1998, being the first company in the non-ferrous metal forging field to obtain this certification. Nowadays FORMESA holds the ISO 9001 / 2015 certification. The last certificate awarded by the company Bureau Veritas, Certification was in 2018.
Previously, we have obtained additional certifications that same provision. You can see below:
Furthermore, we carried out a environmental evaluation during 2003, using the EKOSCAN® methodology and applied a Environment Improvement Plan using also this methodology.
We use production improvement techniques, applying 5S methodology.
5S Methodology.
Metodología 5S 5S Methodology

Management Quality.
An advanced production system of this kind has to be backed and assisted by impeccable Marketing, Sales, and Administrative expertise to speed up Factory-Client relations.
FORMESA has developed a custom computing application, GIP32, controlling all the company activities areas. Purchases to suppliers, Warehouse, Business Management, Offers and Orders, Production, Technical Researches, Issuing of Certificates, Raw Material Needs, Invoicing, Messaging and Internal Notes, etc. are thus controlled by the same application, providing us with instantly information about all the current tasks.
Production Control application KQP.
We use also a Production Control application, KQP, which provide us with real time production data, with continuous comparisons taking place between the actual and the foreseen production data.
Forjas de Metales Especiales S.A. Matxin Bidea 2 · Apartado de correos, 16 · 48100 MUNGIA  BIZKAIA (ESPAÑA)
ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Ekoscan Certificate